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InOne Technology understands your business. We understand your equipment. We know that the more productive your machines are, the more money you can make. Less route runs, repairs and theft net more profit per machine. We have the products that help you do exactly that. InOne has the total solution to maximize profit and reduce route stress – at a fraction of the cost of a new machine.






What We Deliver

InOne is the industry leader of vending machine technologies including Cashless Payment System, Remote Data Collection, LED lights & Energy Saving devices, Management Software, DEX and Replacement Controller Boards. When it comes to a full arsenal of upgrades and solutions, no minimums, quick turn-around matched with industry product and service knowledge, there is only One choice. Just One. 

Customer Loyalty


The measure of a company’s reputation is loyalty. InOne Technology’s commitment to customer service is the heart of our mission. Customers know that beyond the sale, regardless of complexity, that a trained support person is a phone call away for any reason. Not voicemail, not complicated online customer forms, but live people who know what they’re talking about, or will find out and call you back. Really.


Here’s some nice things people have told us about our customer service, our technical support and that we’re just good folks to work with.


Customers Tell The Story.

“InOne’s expertise and customer sup­port has been excellent. They were there every step of the way, helping us trouble-shoot issues and get the units productive. We now have over 120 Audit Box units installed and are very pleased.”

– Jerry Gramke     January Services Memphis, TN      Read More Testimonials 






About InOne Technology


Quietly, InOne Technology has had its nose to the grindstone.


For almost two decades, InOne has been providing products to the vending industry. As DEX pioneers, InOne Technology continues to provide significant innovations for vending machine owners to grow more profitable. InOne is the industry leader of vending machine technologies including Cashless, Remote Data Collection, LED lights & Energy Saving devices, DEX and Replacement Controller Boards.


Whether for older machines in need of DEX technology, LED efficiency and cashless or newer models wanting to be remotely managed and monitored, InOne Technology delivers the greatest profit potential while maximizing the efficiency of your vending business.

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InOne Founder, Gene Ostendorf


Gene Ostendorf, Founder and Executive Vice President of InOne Technology, is a leading technology innovator and DEX pioneer. Yet, like most great leaders you’ll find Gene working on technology solutions, making sales calls, handling incoming orders and making sure he beats the FedEx driver. At the heart of Gene is that Entrepreneur “gene”, the one that drives him to be innovative, unrelenting and ultimately a winner.

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